Ruby KitKat Launched by Nestle Japan

Nestle Japan Ltd. became the first business worldwide to commercialize naturally pink chocolate when it launched its new ruby KitKat.

Last year in September, the Swiss candy maker and largest food company in the world along with Barry Callebaut made ruby chocolate, which is the first new natural color of chocolate since the 1930s when white chocolate was first conceived.

Nestle together with Barry Callebaut have released their Sublime Ruby KitKat that was created by Yasumasa Takagi.

This limited edition product starts sales today in seven KitKat Chocolatory stores in Japan and South Korea, as well as online and in close to 80 seasonal Japan-based pop-up stores.

Plans are to market it as the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.

CEO Antoine de Saint-Affrique of Barry Callebaut said he was pleased that their innovative breakthrough of ruby chocolate came to be so quickly thanks to their partnership with Nestle.

Chef Takagi, who is the craftsman behind this creation, spoke of his pleasure at being part of the innovative product.

He added that he was extremely honored to be involved with the landmark moment for chocolate which he has worked with intimately for more than 30 years. He added that he has created a simple KitKat that allows for the enjoyment of the fruity fragrance as well as subtle acidity of the ruby cacao.

Ruby chocolate does not have any additives or flavoring and is naturally pink. The chocolate is characterized by a berry, fruity flavor and is a unique new addition to the company KitKat collection.

Nestle has a goal of producing chocolate that has a reduced amount of sugar. In March of 2017, the company released plans to eliminate more than 7,500 tons of sugar in 2018 from its products.

The sugar is to be replaced with larger amount of different ingredients and the amount of calories for each product will have restrictions.

Nestle uses its Nutritional Profiling System as a way to assess nutritional value of its products in relation to health authorities like the World Health Organization.

A spokesperson for Nestle said that they had high hopes that the ruby KitKat distribution would expand going forward.

It is starting out as exclusive in Japan for the time being but a close eye will be kept on its to see how its launch goes and options will be looked at for other markets and other formats for the future, said a prepared statement released by the candy maker.

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