President Trump Could Push DACA Deadline Back, Wants Money for Wall

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump expressed optimism over reaching an immigration bipartisan deal, suggesting he would be open to granting a path to citizenship for the “Dreamers” after a period of 10 to 12 years as part of a comprehensive immigration plan.

Trump also said that if a deal is within reach he is willing to extend the deadline of March 5 for the ending of the DACA program that was established to protect up to 800,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought into the U.S as young children by their parents or relatives. He added that DACA recipients should not be worried.

Trump said to tell them they should not be concerned and not to be worried, as we will solve this problem. When asked about possible citizenship, Trump said it would happen over a 10 to 12-year period if someone is doing a good job, has worked hard, as it gives them an incentive to do well.

The comments by Trump came after his administration, on Monday, announced it was releasing a plan of its own for an immigration policy compromise that it says both parties could support and it would end debate that led to the government shutdown of last weekend.

This move arrives after Congress members from both parties criticized Trump for not be more clear on what he wanted for a deal on immigration.

On Wednesday, Trump also said that he does not think the statement by Chuck Schumer the Senate Minority Leader that his offer of funding the border wall is no longer on the table as part of a deal in immigration saying he said the offer was made to avoid the shutdown of the government.

Trump said he did not believe the wall was no longer on the table.

The president, despite acrimony between he and Schumer, suggested he was ready to give an invitation to Schumer for a meeting at the White House again.

Trump said that he would ask for up to $25 billion for building the wall, but would build it under budget.

Congress needs to find a legislative solution for the DACA recipients or up to 800,000 could face deportation following the deadline of March 5.

In even a shorter term, the temporary resolution for spending ends February 8, which raised a possibility of a second government shutdown if no bipartisan agreement is reached.

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