New Yorkers Trying Traditional Chinese Medicine This Flu Season

A traditional cough syrup from China, known as Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, has become popular amongst people in New York during the current flu season, after a U.S. news report was made.

According to an article last week published in the Wall Street Journal, professor and architect Alex Schweder suffered from a cough for nearly ten days, but felt better in less than 20 minutes after drinking a full bottle of the cough medicine, which his girlfriend recommended. She learned about this herbal remedy close to three decades ago in Hong Kong.

The architect was shocked with the quick effects of the herbal drink, and suggested that several people use it, which together with different unrelated factors, has made the medicine highly popular amongst New Yorkers.

The remedy, which often times is simply called Pei Pa Koa, can be sold for has high as $70 dollars online via third parties. The bottle is 300 milliliters.

Shares of Hong Kong listed Kingworld Medicines Group, which is the Chinese pharmaceutical business that makes the remedy, surged by more than 25% Monday following the release of the report.

The herbal medicine is now sold online at Walmart for $13.29, which is more than twice the price that it can be purchased for in other pharmacies in Chinatown in Manhattan, where it can still be purchased for as little as $6.00 a bottle.

One pharmacy worker in a Chinatown drug store said that sales have increased for the medicine in the last week. It appears as though many more New Yorkers who are not of Chinese dissent have accepted the remedy not just because of its positive effects but because the packaging makes it convenient for a one time use, said the pharmacy worker.

Many more people, including a large number of Americans are visiting drug stores in Chinatown to purchase Pei Pa Koa, said one manager of another pharmacy located in New York’s Chinatown. He cited the current strong flu season as one reason sales of the medicine have increased.

The medicine is made from Chinese herbs mixed with honey, and is remarkable for relieving coughs, as well as soothing a sore throat and eliminating phlegm, said the official website for Kingworld Medicines Group.

However, health risks can be involved when taking herbal supplements, including when used with other medicines, when an excessive amount is consumed or when taken in place of prescription medicines, warned certain experts.

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