Prime Members Offered Deals at Whole Foods

The latest phase of Amazon uniting with Whole Foods has started. Beginning on Wednesday May 16, members of Amazon Prime in Florida receive an additional 10% discount of products at Whole Foods that are discounted already.

Typically the grocer has hundreds of its products on sale at any one time. It will also offer weekly bigger discounts on some of its more popular products.

The promotions are scheduled to expand to every Whole Foods as well as Whole 365 location nationwide this summer.

The new perks demonstrate the intentions Amazon has to unite the power of data, its Prime membership program, and its loyal shoppers at Whole Foods. The perks become Amazon’s most consistent and cohesive effort to do just that since it took over Whole Foods in August of 2017.

Shoppers are able to access these discounts through scanning the app for Whole Foods Market or providing their cashiers with their phone number.

Amazon has started to offer other benefits to Prime members in Whole Foods such as 5% cash back if a Visa rewards card is used by members in stores, exclusive deals for members such as roses on Valentine’s and free delivery through Prime Now of products from Whole Foods for members living in 10 different cities.

Included in that list of cities are Austin, Dallas, and Cincinnati though Whole Foods is planning to make the program even broader.

Amazon does not offer delivery of Prime Now in Florida, which is the site of its latest launch of discounts to Prime members. The grocery market in Florida is dominated by Publix although some of the steepest competition of Whole Foods comes from Lucky’s Market and other natural grocers. Lucky’s holds a partnership with Kroger.

Shoppers in Florida are usually cost conscious said industry sources.

In the U.S. grocery industry, where a spoiled tomato can cause margins that are already thin to be crushed, data plays a big role in efficiently stocking store shelves. To know the shopper is to influence them, which allows grocers to offer strategic deals when buying drops off.

Many shoppers currently browse groceries on their mobile device but most continue to purchase at the store. The ability to make a combination of digital coupons with shopping at brick and mortar locations appears like it will give Whole Foods and Amazon a distinct advantage.

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