What are the predicted big genres in gaming for the future?

There is no doubt that gaming is a big sector now. With 2017 being a landmark year for online gambling in the US, and other markets globally seeing success, it seems likely that the overall market will only continue to grow. If you take the UK market, for example, this saw a 3.2% increase in online gaming revenue and a £4.9bn figure recorded. 

A massive part of this increasing popularity is the way that different gaming genres help to draw you in as a player. All the various online sites or games manufacturers will offer game genres that they think will attract you the most and give you the playing experience that you are looking for. Many genres of games are available to you to enjoy, and this choice is why gaming is so popular right now.

What genres will prosper in the future? 

Though there are a wide choice of game genres to play, some will always be massive with players and attract the most attention – but which genres will be the big draws for you as a player in the future?

  • Live dealer games – there is no doubt that the live dealer games at online casinos will certainly be a genre that becomes increasingly popular into the future. Already, they give you a superb lifelike experience of playing your favorite table games. With technology constantly evolving, this genre of games will only get more realistic and engaging for you to play. Looking ahead, this is one genre that will attract more players who like to have that real-life casino feel but from their own home. 
  • Virtual reality (VR) games – perhaps the biggest genre that many expect to take off soon is VR games. These types of games will use the latest VR technology, with users wearing VR headsets to get fully immersed into the game itself. The price and functionality of VR technology has really improved in recent years, which has led many to expect VR gaming to be massive in the future. 
  • Online casinos – as well as live dealer casino games, it looks likely that online casino games in general will be a genre that gets bigger in the future. The sheer choice of classic table games and slot games found here will make it a genre that will continue to be very popular with gamers. To get a taste of why online casinos are such an important genre, why not play online with Stakers?
  • eSports – if you have any interest in gaming, then you will have heard of eSports. This sees teams of players compete against each other in huge arenas with thousands of fans looking on. As a genre, this is pretty big with a revenue of $1.5bn in 2017, and it is actually growing faster than many predicted. This is one of the gaming genres that is worth keeping an eye on for the future.
  • Augmented reality (AR) – along with VR, AR is another genre that many expect to see emerge in the future. AR also involves wearing a special headset to play games but doesn’t purely reflect the reality of what is happening on screen. Instead, AR supplements what is being shown to make new and exciting worlds to explore. Many industry insiders expect this to become a big genre in the future for the wild possibilities that it offers. 
  • Cloud gaming – one big gaming genre that many expect to see success in the future is cloud gaming. This gives great scope for game developers to produce larger and more detailed games due to the masses of storage space in the cloud. It also gives you as a player an easier way to access the latest versions of games and play them with friends. 

Gaming faces an exciting time ahead

With all the above developments that gaming looks set to enjoy in the future, it is great news for you as a player. Whether you like to play your favorite casino game online or compete against others in eSports tournaments, there are some genres that look set to rule over all others. Perhaps the most exciting is the prospect of the VR and AR genres taking off and giving amazing new ways to enjoy yourself when playing games. It is set to be a very exciting time to enjoy gaming in all its forms, and only time will tell exactly which game genres will be the ones to watch. 

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