New Law Forces Airbnb to Cancel Bookings for Japan

Online home-sharing behemoth Airbnb had to cancel thousands of reservations made after the government of Japan established a new law related to home sharing.

The new measure regulates the most popular destination for Airbnb in the entire Asia Pacific region. However, before the measure went into force Airbnb said that implementation of change to the measure’s guidance would not affect reservations.

However, that is not the case and under Japan’s new law, hosts much register their listing as well as display a license numbers on or before June 15 if they want to remain active.

However, the government of Japan said June 1 that any property host that does not have a license number must cancel it upcoming reservations booked prior to June 15.

Therefore, Airbnb announced that it would cancel all reservations made by guests arriving between June 15 and June 19 for Japan listings that do not currently have licenses.

Airbnb commented on its site that Japan is a wonderful country to visit and Airbnb wants to help guests deal with the extraordinary disruption.

The company added that it had established a fund for $10 million to help those that incurred additional expenses that were related to having to change travel plans due to the company’s cancellations.

The issue related to booking in Japan is just the latest problem fasted by Airbnb in Asia, one of the markets it covers that is fast growing.

Earlier in 2018, the company said that it would need to begin sharing information related to its customers who book in China for accommodation with the government. The data to be shared with authorities will now have passport details as well as dates for bookings.

Hosts that list accommodation in China will have their details given to the government as well once they begin accepting bookings.

The home-sharing online giant said that the move meant it would now comply with all local regulations and laws, as are all businesses that operate in China.

Airbnb said that its going to have one billion annual guests by 2028.

The company is one of the most valuable in Silicon Valley with an estimate in market value of $30 billion.

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