IHOP Outlines Its Change to IHOb

On Monday, IHOP said that it was temporarily changing its brand because “b” is for burgers.

This is just a company marketing campaign and IHOP will not legally change its name, but last week social media was taken by storm as breakfast diners across the country were shocked at a cryptic announcement that the “p” was being changed to “b.”

Of course, IHOP is short of International House of Pancakes, but now IHOb wants everyone to know it is a place that serves both lunch and dinner as well not only breakfast.

The restaurant chain is adding several new burgers to the menu, including a Brunch burger that comes with a fried egg, potato and bacon on top.

The president of IHOP Darren Rebelez said the company would remain IHOP, but wants to convey that its burgers will be take just as seriously as its pancakes.

Some IHOPs will be getting new signs that read IHOb while others will not. The company used its new twitter account and tweeted photos of a crew putting up its new sign in Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, Rebelez said the overwhelming majority of close to 1,800 locations will keep their old IHOP signs.

So people were correct when they predicted the new sign was for burgers while others said that it would be bacon or breakfast.

Some are worried the new “b” could ultimately stand for backlash. However, Rebelez said he was not worried people would be disappointed. He added that some were upset the company would consider changing the name, but the majority were able to determine it was another ploy to get people to talk, which clearly was successful.

IHOP knows Americans love their burgers and IHOP’s goal is to become a bigger player when it comes to lunch and dinner.

Rebelez said the company would not be mixing its flagship flapjacks with burgers, but if customers want pancake burgers they can order a side of pancakes and make their own.

One analyst wonders why IHOP would go to all this and he has had problems coming up with a viable reason to risk upsetting your loyal customers or confusing those that are not that familiar with the pancake house.

IHOP is owned by the same company that owns Applebee’s, but Rebelez said that IHOP will remain family focused. He said Applebee’s has a bar and if someone wants a beer with their burger they go there and not IHOP.

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