Sebastian Weber

Raised in Europe, Sebastian has a unique perspective on American culture and economics. He now contributes both US and International business stories.

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Joyce Ramirez

With more than a decade in education administration, Joyce began her career teaching special education. She now works part-time in part-time teaching roles and contributes here with stories on American education.

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Nicole Wilson

Having studied pharmacology, Nicole understands both the medical and business angle of the health industry. She now helps the rest of us understand these delicate issues through her contributions as a medical science blogger.

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Tatum Peregrin

As a child, science was his passion. In college, he studied microbiology and forensics and now shares that knowledge with us thorough coverage of the latest science and technology stories.

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Jennifer Salazar

A foodie and an environmentalist, Jennifer has a unique perspective on the relationship between people and the planet. As such, she now writes on emerging health topics related to green issues and chronic disease.

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Rob Logan

After a short stint as a semi-pro athlete now Rob is a regular business blogger. He specializes in economics and financial stories.

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