The Water Street house will lose its history

The very famous and old bricks will be removed from the building on Water Street. It was just an old building that needed to be torn down. And now the locals from the City of Kelowna feel that they are not ready to say “goodbye” to the old ruin.

Don’t get that wrong. They do not care about the whole building. The precious thing is bricks.

The building belongs to WestCorp and it will be crushed in the nearest future. However, the city authorities are ready to take care of the historical heritage and save the bricks.

We do not know why they have started the research about these bricks. It was an official investigation, and they have found the old bricks hidden behind the wall.

The main author of this research, Amanda Snyder went to the local museum, and after the long conversation with curator, she found out that these bricks were made from the Knox Mountain. She published the data into the local magazine and it became a sensation among others.

She has found that Jackman and Harvey in 1905 year started the first brickyard. And during many years their company was the heart of old town. Businessmen choose the place near Knox Mountain on purpose and use it as the main source of the material.

During three years, from 1911 till 1914, after the owners were changed, that business became extremely successful, and the plant sold their bricks to schools, homes, and even churches. During the First World War, it was closed but survived and received new owners, who took care about brickyard. Later it was sold to a bigger company.

The city council promised to save the historic bricks, and already have the plan where to put them.
Some of them will go to the Kelly O’Bryan’s house and some of them will take Folio Group, the huge part will go to the local museum.

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